You Can Get Rid of Belly Fat Fast

What is the best diet to help you get rid of belly fat? Is it the low-carb diet? Is it the low-fat diet? Is it the maple syrup, cabbage soup or latest fad diet?

Which exercise machine is the best? Which diet pills really work? What weight loss program should you join? The answers to these questions will probably surprise you. There are plenty of overweight people walking around hungry. Many of them are suffering from slight or serious nutritional deficiencies.

Doctors have recently noted that many of their overweight patients have low blood levels of vitamin D and the mineral magnesium. So, the idea that an overweight person is well-nourished is false.

Many overweight people have borderline to high blood glucose levels. They are at an increased risk of developing insulin resistance and type II or adult-onset diabetes.

The cause of that problem is not how much they eat or how many calories they consume. It has to do with the kinds of foods that they eat, how often they eat and the time of day that they have their meals.

It is important to try and get rid of belly fat, because it is the most harmful. It is a symptom of metabolic syndrome, which puts a person at risk for heart disease and various other illnesses.

A person that is shaped like an apple, rather than a pear, is less healthy, regardless of their weight. That does not mean that a person with extra wide hips does not have a health problem.

Carrying around pounds of excess baggage is hard on the heart and joints, regardless of where it is located. It is just that central obesity is more dangerous, because the fat stores crowd the internal organs and cause inflammation. Whether you want to get rid of belly fat, because you are tired of the way that you look in the mirror or because you are concerned about your long-term health, the solutions are the same. Low-carb diets do not work. Low-fat diets do not work.

Extremely low calorie diets do not work. In fact, the low calorie diets are the worst ones for long-term weight maintenance, because they sabotage your metabolism; the number of calories that your cells need for energy. None of the fad diets will help you to get rid of belly fat, permanently. None of the exercise machines work and none of the diet pills on the market are worth buying. Many of them are actually dangerous. The FDA recently convinced one of the big companies to recall a specific diet pill, because it caused liver damage, in a number of people.

If you join a weight loss program for the moral support, just be sure that the counselors are not focusing on your caloric intake. You need to learn which foods to eat, how many meals to have and what time of the day to eat them. If you learn those things, you will get rid of belly fat, permanently, guaranteed.

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