Why Eat High Protein Foods? Protein Foods Are Good For You

High protein foods have managed to get themselves some bad press in some dieting and weight loss quarters. A high protein low fat diet is quite routinely dismissed as not suitable for weight loss and goal weight maintenance.

And why is that?

It’s not because protein food is particularly bad for you, but simply because it goes against the habits that many of us have developed over a lifetime. We tend to eat a lot of carbs, too much saturated fat and not enough lean protein. For lean protein, think low fat dairy food and low fat cuts of meat rather than lardy bacon and full fat cheese.

If you are the sort of person who is determined to break long term eating habits to achieve your weight loss goal, a high protein diet menu is going to be very helpful to you in losing fat and getting fit.

The key is in undertaking a high protein low fat diet, not a high protein low carb diet. You should have a moderate intake of carbs in your regular daily diet. The trick is to shift the carbs mainly to the first part of the day. Breakfast, lunch and mid morning and afternoon snacks can have a significant amount of complex carbs in them.

The majority of carbs you eat in a high protein, moderate carb diet will not come from the enticing range of simple carbs. Think chocolate donut, but do not be tempted to skip out and purchase one for experimental purposes.

Complex carbs are in the fruits and breads and grains that you are going to learn to love because they will help you to lose your excess fatty bits.

Your night time food should consist of a decent serve of high protein foods. Meat, fish, eggs and legumes are good choices. Team your serve of protein with salad or steamed veggies and follow this meal up a bit later in the evening with a healthy snack.

A tub of low fat cottage cheese with a scattering of fruit in it would be ideal.

Yes, I know, there are indeed plenty of carbs in fruit, but choose fruits that are high in fibre and their carbs will be absorbed more slowly and your clever body will not store them so readily as fat deposits.

High protein foods are essential for good health. Protein, which the ancient Greeks named for its “primary importance” is responsible for muscle and tissue growth and repair. It inhibits infection and disease.

If you do not ingest enough protein, your body will start to shut down its essential functions. This is a great argument against belittling protein.

The best thing of all about a high protein low fat diet is that these protein foods make you feel fuller longer, give you plenty of long term energy, boost your metabolism and combat food cravings.

Hang on, that’s 4 things! You really have got to love a bit of protein.

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