What Is A Cardio Exercise And How Does It Benefit Me?

Basically a cardio is described as any form of exercise which increases heart and respiration to help boost your metabolism and stamina.

Experts are torn between the benefits of cardio for muscle building and weight reduction though. Some say yes cardio does help while others say it drains the body of energy and does not produce significant results.

I believe the actual facts are somewhere in the middle. Moderate cardio exercises helps your heart and lungs to stay healthy and functioning properly increasing your general health and your lifespan.Too much cardio can lead to you using too much energy vital to your health thereby draining the body of essential nutrients.

Most experts advocate that when you are exercising to build muscle you switch muscle building with cardio, say every other day. The cardio will enhance your bodies capacity to efficiently improve the heart and lung rate to maximize the workout.Be sure not to over extend yourself. A workout should last no longer than one hour a day.A normal session is between 30 -60 minutes,any longer may actually hurt your muscle building and cardio endeavors

Always discuss your exercise plans with an expert. Make sure your health allows for a cardio exercise routine because some health conditions can interfere with your cardio workout.

The most popular types of cardio exercises are running,jogging,stair climbing,jumping rope or aerobics.A relatively easy cardio exercise is just going for a brisk walk.It uses all the muscles and increase heart and lung performance.The most efficient type of cardio is step aerobics this will give you maximum results in a short period of time.

In conclusion a well balanced strength and cardio exercise routine will help your weight loss and muscle building routines to maximize your fat burning without losing those essential nutrients.

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