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What are flexitarian foods? What do flexitarians eat? What’s a flexitarian? How is a flexitarian different from a semi-vegetarian?

There are lots of questions about flexitarians. The term is relatively new, but flexitarians have been around forever. The terms almost vegetarian and semi-vegetarian have the same meaning. None of these types are vegetarian because they all eat meat, fish, or poultry in some form.

Flexitarians, almost vegetarians, and semi-vegetarians generally eat a plant based diet. There are several reasons they choose to eat less meat.

Often times the reason given is that the flexitarian lives with a vegetarian or vegan and so eats what that person eats. It’s more simple that way as just one meal is prepared. Away from the home, the flexitarian may choose to eat anything including meat, fish and poultry.

Someone else may choose a flexitarian diet is because friends and/or family aren’t vegetarian. When alone, a vegetarian diet is preferred, When in the company ot others, the motto becomes eat whatever the others are eating. They’re flexible.

There are a couple of reasons for decisions coming from this perspective.

First, holidays and celebrations, for example, are special occasions with traditional meals. The food served may have been family favorites through the generations. There’s comfort in tradition and deep emotions about breaking bread with family. Just as it’s always been done, meals are often based around one or more meats.

The flexitarian has the option to eat all that is provided and enjoy the feast with the tribe.

A second reason is that some who have decided a vegetarian lifestyle suits them become uncomfortable in social situations with omnivores. They just find it easier and less troublesome to eat what everyone else is eating. They aren’t the objects of attention for being different and no one need know they’re vegetarian minded.

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