Tips for Storing Massage Therapy Tables

Buying Massage Therapy Tables and chairs for your practice is usually the biggest expense that you’ll have setting up shop and starting your own practice. You already know how to shop for these pieces of equipment, but do you know how to store them? Storing them properly is important in order to make sure that your expensive equipment stays in great condition.

Because buying equipment is so expensive it’s a good idea to get yourself in the habit of taking care of those tables and chairs and storing them properly from the beginning. If you do that you can keep your expensive equipment operating well and looking great for years to come. Here are some tips from experienced massage therapists that you can use to keep your massage tables and chairs in top shape:

Wipe Them Off Every Time

Even if your Massage Therapy Tables is just going into storage overnight or until your next client appointment and even if you ordinarily wipe the table down after every client you should wipe it off before it goes into storage. Use a baby wipe or a makeup removal wipe to make sure there are no stains on the upholstery and to wipe dust off the legs and bottom of the table. Folding table especially should be wiped off frequently. If dust builds up in the folding mechanism the table could stop working as well as it should, so make sure you wipe down the folding mechanism.

Cover them

Furniture covers or even old sheets can be great protectors for Massage Therapy Tables and chairs. Covering the table will help keep dust, dirt and debris off the equipment. It will also prevent fading of the upholstery or pad on top of the table. If you use colored pads or linens make sure that they are also stored in a place where they won’t end up becoming faded. Stationary tables should be covered every evening when they are not being used.

Remove The Accessories

If you’re not using the table take off arm rests, the head rest, steps, or other accessories to prevent unnecessary wear and tear. Store the accessories in a nylon bag or in a plastic case to keep them from getting dirty and to keep the covers clean and inviting. To keep the padded covers from smelling badly put an herbal sachet in the storage bag or sprinkle some fresh herbs in the case.

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