The Doctor Me Trend – Moving Away From Health Care to Self Care

For most of my adult life I have been a researcher and consumer of alternative medicine. For an ever growing part of the population self care is no longer a trend but a reality. Whether it is Western or alternative medicine, there has certainly been a shift in attitude regarding taking responsibility for your own wellness.

In holistic medicine there have been remarkable breakthroughs in non-invasive diagnostic tests. How does this affect you, the consumer? Science can now help you choose which vitamins and nutrition your body needs for optimal health.

Until now health enthusiasts have been self educated and self treating. My now 89 year old mother educated herself about nutrition; I have her first edition of Back To Eden (1939) on my book shelf. My mother was part of a generation of self-care pioneers including people like Edgar Cayce and others who dedicated their lives to discovering ways to treat people using natural remedies.

My first exposure to a non-intrusive diagnostic method was Applied Kinesiology. AK uses a muscle testing technique to assess how the body is functioning. One application of this muscle feedback mechanism is determining which vitamins and nutrition your body needs.

The EAV (electro-acupuncture according to Voll) machine is another non-invasive diagnostic tool. This machine tests the DC electrical current in the body’s “acupuncture” meridian system as mapped out in Chinese medicine. The interface is a simple probe applied to specific points on the hands, feet or teeth. Based on the strength of the electrical current the practitioner can pinpoint which vitamins your body needs.

Muscle testing, the intuitive albeit primitive way of self treating, has evolved into the ability to diagnose the biochemical and electrical balance using scientifically supported non-invasive tests.

Assessing your body’s general state of health can be done by looking at the cells from the inside out. Saliva is an intracellular fluid, an indicator of what’s inside the cell. Urine tests show what is being excreted through the body’s filtering system and assesses how well your filtering system is working.

The most recent advances are in genomic research. DNA assessments are available to determine our genetic predisposition for disease! Simply using a buccal swab (cheek cells) to collect a sample of your DNA right in your own home.

Of course all of these advances in preventative health could not have come at a better time. We have seen a decline in the overall health of Americans due to diet, lifestyle and environmental pollution. The uncertainty of the health care system, along with an aging baby boomer generation has people wondering what the future holds.

The holistic and alternative medicine field has made remarkable progress. The “Dr. Me” trend started decades ago and has evolved into a scientifically supported “self-care” medicine.

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