The Best and Worst Ideas For Muscle Building Workouts

How to design the best workouts for muscle building? Something that works for you and will yield great results for your time and money. Why struggle with a variety of workouts for muscle building when the answer is right in front of you.

The first idea for finding workouts for muscle building is to define your goals. Then develop a routine around your goals. Why would you use a routine for building muscle if you want to get ripped. Yes… these routines are different and will yield dramatically different results.

In a typical muscle building workout you go heavy, with 4-6 sets of low reps. To get ripped, or cut is different…you may use a moderate weight, with 4 sets of 12-15 reps. This workout puts more emphasis on cutting, and being lean.

Are you tired of lifting, eating and gaining no muscle size or strength?

What if I told you their is no exact method for building muscle mass. That’s right no exact science…It’s all about having the right mechanics in place day after day, time after time. This is the secret to finding workouts for muscle building that get great results.

The combination of all the essential aspects, combined with the best workouts for muscle building will give the best overall results.

Target: one body part per day eat small meals every two hours consume one gram of protein per body pound for building muscle at your goal weight.

The most important overlooked aspect is to stay hydrated, drink 1 gallon of water throughout the day. This will keep you muscles hydrated and looking full, and help with recovery after your intense workouts.

Now The worst aspects:

Everyone tries to copy each other when finding workouts for muscle building. This can be a very costly mistake. Why… simple each persons muscle density, body type and goals are different. Wait.. you’re thinking, I have a training partner. Well if your partners goals are similar yours you are all set, but 5 out 6 times one of you will get better results. Think about it.

Things to avoid:


-Taking everyone’s advice to heart…as a trainer I provide my clients with a solid building block that gets generic results, I then customize their workouts for muscle building to their exact goals. results are astonishing.

-Eat to get big… you must eat to gain results… you can’t skip meals, eat fast food and expect to be a muscle maniac.

-Buy every word of a supplement retailer or label. Remember it’s a business…

The last aspect is to stay motivated and only focus on your goals. if you hit a stumbling block find a way to overcome it. Finding workouts for muscle building is not easy and can be very frustrating at first, but once you start to see results your hooked.

Take the words above as a guideline for finding workouts for muscle building that work. I have been training athletes, and people for many years and I know what works and what is hype.

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