Reduce Heart Disease With Low Fat Diet

400,000 deaths each year may be attributed to obesity. Studies have shown that obesity and heart disease are inevitably linked. You also have a higher chance of getting diabetes Type 2 when you are obese.

One of the reasons people are encouraged to lose weight, exercise regularly and make wiser food choices is to avoid obesity. Therefore, losing weight is not just for beauty purpose, it actually will save your life.

The worst thing about heart disease is that people can go decades without any sign or symptoms and suddenly have a massive heart attack and drop dead.

Diet and weight are two powerful forces for health that you can control. If you are currently overweight, you should do something about diet. And you can lose excess (unhealthy) weight easily, safely by eliminating certain foods from your diet, by including others in the right amounts, and by the use of nutritional supplements, you can achieve at least a 50 per cent protection against heart attack.

The outstanding fats are being eaten daily in the United States and Europe are butter, eggs, whole milk, cream, meat, fish and poultry fats, and cheese in various combinations.

These fats, at 9 calories per gram, contain more than twice the amount of calories than protein or carbohydrate does at four calories each per gram.

By reducing the fat intake will dramatically help you to lose weight. Research show that the reduction of fat content in the national diet have many effect on the number of deaths from heart attack.

Medical researchers, pathologists, doctors have found that when the blood levels of fat were low, the damage to heart and brain was also low. The strong evidence shows that when blood cholesterol and fats are high, the arteries were correspondingly high in the degree of damage or destruction by atherosclerosis.

There is only one safe and effective way to achieve the correct poundage and to keep it at that figure. That way is to follow a correct nutritional program, and to follow it consistently, one might almost say religiously.

Let us “eat to live, not live to eat.” The low-fat diet holds great promise for everyone, whether the person has atherosclerosis or not. The low-fat way of life can be followed by anyone, anywhere, and it is simple, safe, effective.

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