Raw Fruit and Vegetable Diet – The Top 5 List

Choosing to go on a raw fruit and vegetable diet opens up so many wonderfully nutritious and colourful foods and combinations. Not only will you experience an immediate detox, your health, skin, hair and complexion will all improve. Your weight will fall off as will your cholesterol. Most fruit and vegetables will give you this benefit. We will countdown the top five which are easy to eat at any time of the day.

5th. Tomatoes

What could be easier to eat than a handful of baby tomatoes? So convenient and nutritious. They are perfect for dieters as they are actually made up of 90{c66b10e9cbb0dd4ae322bbe8793aef26e887819d9224ac46799d38bddff29d80} water so are very hydrating which improves your digestive system. If that isn’t enough, they contain all the antioxidant vitamins – C and E and beta-carotine.

4th. Cherries

Did you ever watch the Jack Nicholson film, The Witches of Eastwick? They must’ve been on the WC all day after eating all those cherries! With superb powers of detoxification to clear out your digestive system, cherries are also a really low-calorie healthy fruit. They contain ellagic acid, a kind of supernutrient that fights cancer as well as antioxidants that fend off infection.

3rd. Apples

There are so many different varieties to select from and part of the enjoyment of apples is trying them all out. Apples are high in pectin that encourages good digestion – important for boosting your energy levels instead of diverting them to digestion duties. They are packed with vitamins and minerals and help to clear up skin blemishes.

2nd. Celery

Celery makes it into second place as it is so low in calories and wonderful for cleansing the body. It has a lovely salty taste and can be added to dishes or eaten with other fruit and vegetables instead of adding salt. Celery goes well with so many other things but especially watercress.

1st. Watercress

The best diet food for eating raw, anywhere, anytime. It possess potent health benefits, being a strong antioxidant that cleanses the bladder and kidneys, purifies the blood and boosts energy levels. It’s high iodine content aids thyroid function and aids metabolism.

It has a delicious peppery taste and can be combined in with celery and tomatoes in salad and eaten on its own.

So there you have it – the authors’ top five raw fruit and vegetables. Perhaps it may be useful to get some expert advice on how to prepare this food in a raw fruit and vegetable diet? My favourites are Tuscan Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto and Double Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake!

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