Nurses – Giving Excellent Care to Their Patients

From the moment you were born, there was a nurse there to help care for you. Since then, whenever you have been ill or hurt and needed to see a doctor, she has been there for you. Even as important as nurses are to our health, they seldom get the credit they deserve. Without quality professionals in this profession, we would all suffer.

They work very hard, and many must work on holidays and other special occasions when others are on holiday. Their salaries are starting to get a little better because the demand for them has become so great. Hospitals and doctors has started to realize just how valuable a good nurse is to their work.

The field of nursing has many levels. Probably the three best known are nursing assistant, licensed practical nurse, and registered nurse. As the levels progress, she needs more education and has more job responsibilities. At any level, a professional nurse gives her all for the benefit of the patients. There are many openings in this profession, as there is a shortage of qualified professionals.

They, like doctors, can choose to specialize. They may work exclusively in emergency rooms or for a private practice. Some work in specialties like neonatal care, cancer centers, or many other areas. Every area of medicine needs nursing professionals to be successful.

All persons in this profession strive to provide excellent patient care. If you go to see your primary doctor, a nurse is always there to find out about your visit and to get needed information. They get your vitals so that the process is expedited for the doctor. If a doctor has an excellent nurse, he knows his job will be much easier.

Unfortunately, at some point in our life we will probably have to visit a hospital emergency room. When that time comes, a nurse will be there getting your information and making you as comfortable as possible until the doctor arrives. Once the doctor asks for specific tests or x-rays, she will supervise to be certain the right tests are done.

Upon admission to a hospital, a nurse will be there to get your information and make sure you are comfortable. You will see your doctor only a few minutes per day, but she will be there at all times. If you have a need, she will quickly be there to help you. She will help no matter how large or small your need. If you need surgery, she will be there when you wake up. She is there for you in case you have any medical needs.

Nurses provide so many people with excellent medical care. We often forget just how valuable they are to our health. If you have one who gives you excellent care, let her know how grateful you are for the work she and so many others like her do. Although they do not do their jobs to get praise, it is the least we can do for these medical heroes.

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