Networking and Mental Health

Disclaimer: The Author is offering insight about mental health and business. The Author is not a licensed practitioner. Consult a professional or your primary doctor for counseling and other services.

As our societies and business environments continue to evolve, it is imperative to factor in mental health in our relationships, progression and well being. According to online statistics, 1 out of 5 Americans experience mental illness. 79{c66b10e9cbb0dd4ae322bbe8793aef26e887819d9224ac46799d38bddff29d80} of workers have experienced stress in the past 12 months at work. A decline in mental health can directly impact productivity, profits, morale, etc. The same can be expected in the realm of networking. Networkers who have issues with mental health, risk negative effects in their relationships. This can also be said for professional and personal connections.

Listed below are tips for protecting, strengthening and sustaining a good quality of mental health while building networks.

Set Boundaries

Being open and transparent are keys for having a healthy mental state of being. Be direct and honest with your connections and communicate on a regular basis. Share reasonable expectations of the relationship. Learn about preferred verbal and non-verbal communicative styles and modes of doing business. Also, show patience, empathy and understanding when fostering relations and expanding networks.

Set Priorities

It is important to have a plan for networking and outline your goals for success. Establish priorities for making links with others, joining groups and increasing your brand. Setting standards and being organized in your networking agenda mitigate stress and anxiety. As well as, an overwhelming feeling of burnout. Once priorities have been put in place, revisit them. Take inventory of your advancement and be flexible with tweaking your methods.

Set Mindfulness

A great way to promote good mental health is to maintain a good attitude. Make it a point to have a growth mindset and pursue a positive way of thinking. Gain support from trusted and dependable individuals within your networks. Be active and present at functions, meetings and activities. Show support, offer assistance and build your credibility while bonding with others.

Use these tips to keep a good mental well being when networking. Understand the nature of your relationships and work towards enhancing them with a positive mindset. Additionally, lean on your networks for encouragement and vice versa. These strategies lead to greater success in your endeavors.

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