Mental Health and Wellbeing – Coming to Terms With Panic and Anxiety Attacks

Mental health and wellbeing has always been a major bugbear within medical science mainly due to the fact we have never been able to gauge the actual condition. In fact, it has only been over the last decade or so that medical science has really come to terms with these types of illness.

If you suffer from panic or anxiety attacks, you are more likely to get sympathy and help these days rather being told that it is simply “it’s all in your Head” which would have been the answer you may have had years previous for this type of condition.

People today are coming to terms with panic and anxiety attacks and realising that this is a condition that a lot of individuals young and old suffer with. Unlike before passersby are more likely to come to the aid of a sufferer now rather than ignore and walk away thinking that the person was just plain crazy.

The main problem with panic attacks is that they are totally random and can occur at just about any time of day or night.

So how do you know if you have had a panic attack?

If perhaps you have found yourself scared and unable to handle a situation that previously you would have found easy, or felt that you were in some kind of impending doom or danger so bad that you have to escape or run away from the situation, then the chances are that you have had a panic or anxiety attack.

It is a common known fact that everyone experiences these type of symptoms at some point in their lives, and normally there is no cause for concern.

As soon as you have visited your GP and he has clinically diagnosed you as suffering from panic attacks you need to sit down with them and determine what course of action and treatment to take. Coming to terms with this type of condition is the first step in finding a solution.

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