Medical Transcription Outsourcing – Providing Quality Services With Integrity

Healthcare facilities of every kind are looking for ways to lessen the burden on the scarce resources at their disposal while not compromising on the quality of services provided. It is important for them to concentrate on the process of providing quality healthcare, by outsourcing all tasks that are not part of the core business. This enables them to not only retain control over their business in terms of delivering quality healthcare in a timely manner it also enables them to minimize expenses.

Outsourcing medical transcription to a professional service provider benefits the healthcare facilities in the following areas:

Helping the process of healthcare by creating patient records on time
Helping quicken the process of reimbursement by creating patient records on time
Provides protection against litigation by creating records by capturing details of the patient- healthcare professional encounter accurately
Protect against HIPAA/HITECH violation
Reducing direct and indirect cost of transcription

To avail the maximum advantages out of the outsourcing option it is important to source a service provider who can provide quality services with integrity.

What is meant by providing quality services with integrity?

Quality medical transcription services can be defined as:

Accurate: The information captured in the patient records is vital for providing continuing treatment as well as for coding and billing purposes. A transcription vendor providing quality services would ensure that all the information is captured as accurately as possible, by using the right team and the right process.

Timely: To meet the standards of quality services it is important for the patient- healthcare professional encounter to not only be captured accurately but also to be available on time. Turnaround time requirements would be met using the right team and the right technology.

Medical transcription services with integrity can be defined as:

HIPAA/ HITECH compliant: Patient information is sacrosanct and it is important to provide for the security of this information at every level. Any vendor providing these services with integrity would ensure that patient information is protected at every level.

Reasonably priced: Lowered cost of transcription is probably one of the main benefits expected from the outsourcing option. Providing services with integrity would mean ensuring fair and reasonable price by using a billing method, which is measurable, definable, verifiable, consistent, fair and honest.

Complete technical support for entire process: As the process for creation of patient medical records has moved into the digital era and has evolved into a service that extends beyond just record creation by providing technology that adds a lot of value. Any vendor providing these services with integrity would ensure that technology would be advanced to ensure maximum benefit to the healthcare facility/ healthcare professional and still being easy to use.

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