Medical Transcription Outsourcing – Flexible Services

It is a constantly changing world, needs are also constantly changing. It is the onus of the service providers to be flexible to meet the changing requirements of their target customers. Medical transcription is a service that has been allied with the healthcare sector by converting the audio records of the patient-healthcare professional encounter into text format. To fulfill the varying needs of the healthcare sector it is important that these services be flexible.

What are the factors that could affect medical transcription?

  • Varying inflow of patients: The number of patients seeking healthcare services is not something that can be predicted. It is important for service providers to be prepared for varying volumes of transcription depending on the inflow of patients.
  • Turnaround time requirements: Different specialties have different turnaround time requirements. Sometimes the healthcare professional may require the report to be transcribed instantly and sometimes a time lag does not affect the process of healthcare. A service provider has to be in a position to meet the varying turnaround time requirements
  • New specialties being added to existing healthcare facilities: A service provider may be used to transcribing only for certain specialties. When new specialties are added the competency in transcribing for the new specialty has to be developed along with keeping up with current demands.
  • Expansion plans: Healthcare facilities may have plans to expand geographically as well as in other ways. This could mean that adjustments have to be made to accommodate various new factors like new healthcare professionals, new specialties, new formats, different accents, different time zones, different turnaround time expectations and even different systems
  • Different formats required by different specialists: The service providers have to keep up with the demands of different formats of reports required by different specialists.
  • New developments in the field of healthcare: Healthcare is a field that has constant developments. This could be in the form of discovering new ailments, new therapies and invention of new drugs and procedures. A competent service provider has to constantly update its’ team of transcriptionists to enable them to provide expert services.
  • Adoption of EMR: Healthcare facilities may decide to implement an EMR/EHR system. This would require Hl7 interface to enable entry of information into the EMR/EHR.
  • Adoption of voice recognition software: Sometimes the service provider has to adopt the role of proofreader/editor when healthcare facilities have adopted voice recognition software for their transcription needs.

Being associated with healthcare, medical transcription services have to be flexible to meet the varying needs.

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