Low Impact Cardio Workout – Five Levels

Low impact cardio workout is the optimum method to reduce fat in a faster way. It burns a great deal of calories in a shorter span and is most useful for gaining a suitable weight loss. There are five important levels to get away with the unwanted fat with the help of easy and low impact cardio workout which is mentioned further.

Level 1: Jumping Rope

If you are looking for an ideal low impact cardio workout, then jumping rope is very effectual. It is ideal for the tyros. It is an easy indoor as well as outdoor workout. The mechanism and coordination of your legs, shoulders and arms is improved. It generates sweat in a shorter duration. It is ideal as the accessories required for this exercise is easily available and you can reduce a lot of fat in workout of jut a few minutes.

Level 2: Running

At level 2 you can go for running as a low impact cardio workout. Running is a very arduous low impact cardio workout as it integrates each and every body muscles. It is not preferable to run at a lower speed as it would not affect your fats to a larger extent. It is advisable to increase your speed after some time as it increases the rates of your heart beats.

Level 3: Rowing

At level 3 you can opt for Rowing as a cardiovascular exercise. Rowing is a type of low impact cardio workout which affects the upper portion of your body. Rowing not only burns a lot of calories but also strengthens the back muscles. The shoulders, biceps and the back are mostly strained here.

Level 4: Workout on Treadmill

At level four you can workout on a treadmill. Treadmill is also one of the finest low impact cardio workouts. Nowadays even fitness trainers and doctors advice to use treadmills for cardiovascular workouts. A person can easily achieve his target of fat reduction with the assistance of a treadmill. You can even listen to music or watch television while the workout to thwart tediousness.

Level 5: Consult a Fitness Trainer

A fitness trainer is a professional person who can plan a better workout plan for your cardiovascular exercise so you can consult a fitness instructor to suggest you better low impact cardio workout. Professional fitness trainers can plan a workout session for you and if you religiously follow it you can achieve an immense weight reduction.

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