Low Carbs Diet – Low Fat Food Diet Plan – Does This Weight Secret Work?

This sounds really easy but in this day and age it is really hard to find your own balance and I want to stress this is an individual thing although I do believe help can be found in many places. I believe behavior modification works best but believe extremes will work in some extreme cases (hopefully it shouldn’t have to come to that).

How long and how much these extremes are used is what will determine the damage and repair of the body and many other variables can determine these as well.

Give them research on these diets and encourage things you think may help for them make better choices without making them feel defensive. You know, don’t harp but be informative in an interesting way and set a good example. We know how hard it is to find these balances cause we’ve been there and done that and keep trying because it is one of those things that are a constant juggling act but think of it like this.

Juggling smoothly is the goal (balance), however, when learning or for other reasons the juggling it is not smooth (imbalanced) and the more variables added the harder it gets but if you have learned the technique and have the talent it gets easier and easier to find the balance in things. Let them know you are only concerned for their health and it they will be more apt to investigate because moderation, balance and variety are keys to good health and good health should be a goal in life. The human body is very resilient and hopefully they will make better future choices and learn more.

These diets do seem to work well for weight loss in some but we need veg., fruits, whole grains, nuts seeds and legumes to some extent (for many of the the things they contain) which are complex carbs (but still carbs) and a variety of theses things are important.

The moderation, decrease and sometimes absence of simple carbs (granulated sugar, high fructose corn syrup, white flour, grains stripped of their nutrients etc.) on the other hand can be really good for a body.

Low carb diets are an excellent way to lose body fat in the short term, as long as you don’t go below your BMR in daily caloric intake. Where people run into problems is taking all cals to too low of a level and choose low quality nutrients, and unfortunate component left over from Atkins days when the diet allowed for any and all types of fats and proteins.

Anything lower than 20{c66b10e9cbb0dd4ae322bbe8793aef26e887819d9224ac46799d38bddff29d80} of your daily caloric intake coming from carbs can be considered low carb.

As for the long term, once you reach the desired goals, you don’t want to continue back on the diet that got you into trouble in the first place. This means cutting out the processed foods, especially processed carbs, which are so prevalent in the modern diet. A diet high in lean proteins, low GI carbs and good fats spread out over the day will always produce optimum results, along with a consistent exercise regimen.

A more controlled way to lose weight is by following a realistic plan and system.

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