How Can I Recover From a Sex Addiction?

If you are struggling with a sex addiction, you know how difficult it can be to even take the first step toward recovery. The roller coaster of emotions you are likely experiencing may make the prospect of recovery seem hopeless and impossible. It is completely normal and understandable that you would feel this way. However, the good news is you are thinking about recovery. You have already taken the first step toward seeking help, which is learning how you can recover from your sexual addiction. There are many ways for addicts to recover from addiction. An effective approach to recovery for most sex addicts is a comprehensive approach combining various treatment methods.

Treatment programs offer a comprehensive approach to recovery all in one place. Many addicts find this to be a desirable means of recovery because they can check into a facility and distance themselves from their normal environment while feeling safe in recovery.

Sex addicts must face separating themselves from their addictive behaviors. Being in a sexual addiction treatment recovery program naturally makes this step easier throughout the recovery process. Eventually, with the proper amount of support, addicts can successfully detach themselves from their addictive behaviors while living in their own homes.

Another aspect of treatment deals with the emotional side of the illness. This aspect of treatment is more complex and typically requires specialized care from a trained therapist. Therapists are trained to help addicts deal with their guilt, shame and depression. In some cases therapists combine medication with therapy to help facilitate the recovery process.

Several types of therapy are available throughout the recovery process. These include cognitive behavior therapy and interpersonal therapy. Cognitive behavior therapy helps sex addicts understand certain triggers relative to their addictive behaviors. Over time the addict learns to identify their triggers and learns effective way of managing them.

One effective way to prevent relapsing into sexually compulsive behaviors is to find another physical activity to focus excess energy on, such as cardiovascular exercise, like cycling or running.

Another form of therapy is interpersonal therapy. This type of therapy is quite common and easy to understand. Simply put, interpersonal therapy is talk therapy. The act of talking through problems and emotions provides sex addicts more self-control and the ability to deal with their emotions.

Group therapy is another effective way to treat sex addiction. In this setting addicts feel they are not alone in their struggle. They also will be able to see they are not unique in their addiction. The support and understanding sex addicts receive from group therapy is important to their overall recovery efforts. Many attend 12-step meetings as part of their recovery efforts. These meetings may effectively fulfill the need for group therapy and in the long term, participants of 12-step programs find they are well-equipped to handle any challenge that comes their way in life as a result of the principles they embrace during their recovery.

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