Holistic Health Practitioner Jobs – Career Explained

Although holistic practitioner jobs have been around for thousands of years, these alternative medicine professionals have seen a career boom in recent years. Roughly 38 percent of all American adults are currently using some type of complementary or alternative medicine, according to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Holistic health practitioner jobs are now being recognized as viable forms of patient care as people continue seeking alternatives to traditional health care and pharmaceutical medicine.

The belief behind holistic practitioner jobs is that there should be a safer and more natural way to diagnose and treat various ailments, and that the whole emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of a person’s health must be addressed. This way of thinking has become much more popular in recent decades. There are holistic health practitioner jobs in acupressure, herbology, nutritional counseling, reflexology, traditional Chinese medicine, yoga and many other fields. Some practitioners focus more on healing the body, while others act more as counselors or teachers who guide individuals on a healthy lifestyle from the inside out.

In order to be a holistic health practitioner, one must have a passion for alternative or complementary medicines. These aren’t just jobs; they are part of an entire lifestyle that focuses on greater health and well being. There are schools focused on holistic health that can prepare you for such holistic practitioner jobs as acupuncturist, biofeedback therapist, energy healer, meditation leader, massage therapist, kinesiologist, yoga instructor and many others. You may work in a spa, professional office, private office, from home, or you may go to the clients’ homes. There are many options in this promising field.

Now is a great time to get started in one of these careers, as there has been a substantial increase in alternative medicine and holistic health practitioner jobs since 2002. There are also many indicators that the growth will continue through 2016, and it will probably continue after that as well. If you have a passion for holistic living and believe that total health encompasses the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual, this is an ideal career for you.

Institutions offering quality Holistic Health Programs include American Institute of Holistic Theology, Clayton College of Natural Health, New York College of Health Professionals and Spa Tech Institute.

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