Holistic Health Advantages

With the rapid growth of the holistic healing industry in the States, it seems as though Americans are beginning to get a grasp on its effectiveness. Holistic healthcare holds the belief that healing comes from locating the symptom at its source and healing the issues that originally caused that ailment. Healing mind, body, and soul through life-style changes and past issue resolution will lead to well balanced physical health.

Through all the studies and research the World Health Organization, WHO, has done, they have concluded that the medical industry needs to take a more “people centered” approach. Their 2007 policy action plan states, “To steer health systems towards better performance, the report calls for a return to primary health care, a holistic approach to health care…” The current practice of prescribing medication to “treat” ailments is not working. People are just masking their diseases by making them tolerable. As a result, Americans are popping pill after pill thinking they are getting better. Eventually more prescriptions are taken to “get rid of” side effects caused by the original prescription being taken. This has become a vicious and scary cycle.

With the industry geared toward conventional medicine, most people find it difficult to obtain holistic healing. Pharmaceutical companies are running the industry with profit-making determination. According to the Journal of the Medical Association, April 5, 1998, prescription drugs are the 4th leading cause of death in the USA. The pharmaceutical industry is not going to allow the advancement of holistic healing as long as society continues to give them the power to do so. In order to overcome this industry controlling giant, society needs to eliminate the demand for it.

The “people centered” approach makes diagnostics and treatment more individualized. When working with a patient as an individual, the healing process assists in the elimination of the disease since it identifies it at the root cause. Instead of continuing treatments for the remainder of a patient’s lifetime, as with conventional medicine, therapy sessions are limited and successful. The WHO report also states, “…those (countries) where health care is organized around the tenets of primary health care produce a higher level of health for the same investment.” Amazing. Better healthcare for the same cost.

Obtaining health through holistic healing modalities is not as difficult as one might think. Holistic health practitioners are everywhere. Searching Google for practitioners in a certain area is a good way to start. A certain type of healing modality may be chosen or an expert in the field can determine which modality would be best for the patient. Some of the many modalities available are:

Hypnotherapy— a means of communicating positive suggestions to the subconscious with the intent of clearing negativity from the mind

Reiki–using the hands as a healing vehicle to transfer “Life Force Energy” into the client in order to assist healthy flow of energy throughout the body

Nutrition— nourishing the body with food and liquid that is beneficial for mind, body, and spirit

Massage therapy— manipulation of muscles and tissue to increase healthy bodily functions, assist in releasing toxins in the body, and to promote relaxation and well-being

Life coaching— a process of powerful question asking to assist the client in reflecting on their own issues to resolve issues themselves and move forth with personal empowerment

Taking that first step forward to demand better healthcare is the first step in creating a healthy and fulfilling life. After all, without good health, life is not very fulfilling.

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