Holistic Approach Towards Weight Loss

The holistic approaches that I will mention below appeals to diverse people with great differences in terms of physical fitness and status quo. To achieve the right n=mind and body connection we must learn to coordinate these simple and practical approaches toward weight loss, I hope that I will be able to speak to your inner core as I mention the importance of each items.

• Exercise- any type of physical exercise is a great way to relieve tension and stress, stretching in particular is a natural reliever. If we properly stretch the muscles, we can gain numerous benefits such as relaxation and peaceful state of mind.

• Yoga- yoga has been long practiced by ancient people, it is believed that yoga is one of the world’s most wholesome and effective form of exercise that can promote wellness of body and mind.

• Pilates Method- Pilates that was founded by Joseph Pilates is a combination of Western and Eastern philosophies of physical and mental development that promotes neuro-muscular harmony, balance and overall body coordination. This type of exercise also aims to execute six basic principles: control, concentration, centering, focus, precision, mind-focus and breathing.

• Meditation- we commonly hear of meditation to most of religious practices. It refers to active process in which participant is mentally alert while physically relaxed. This method is useful in effectively managing and triggering the source of stress.

• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy- this particular method aims to correct and change negative thoughts to promote healthy and well-balanced thought life, emotions and behavior. This has four basic components: education, learning new skills, rehearsal and generalization and maintenance.

These are my five holistic approaches to weight loss; we must believe that everything comes from the mind, and whatever we set our minds to will come to realization and accomplishments. Therefore, never neglect the importance of a healthy mind towards your goal of losing weight. Until my next post!

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