Healthy Weight Loss: Vegetarian vs Non-Vegetarian Diet

Usually when people decide to lose weight, they automatically think that the meatless diet is the best solution. They replace this difficult-to-digest food with more digestive vegetables or juices. While an unsupervised juice diet should not exceed one week, many of us can safely eliminate meat from the diet for an extended period of time with no bad effects for the body. However, there are those people who have followed strict vegetarian diets and found that, after a time, their health declined and did not improve until meat was introduced to their diets.

There was Dr. Price, who examined the dental health and the eating habits of indigenous tribes and found out that the healthiest were those who ate meat. Those who ate grains and legumes had massive caries problem.

It looks like, in the short run we can thrive on a vegetarian diet, but, in the long run, we need some animal protein. How long can we thrive on a meatless diet before our health declines? Well, nobody knows for sure, but it definitely differs from person to person.

One of the factors that can determine whether you tolerate meatless diet or not, can be your blood type. Medical literature often makes point that the people with the type A blood do well on a vegetarian diet. In truth, more accurate message is that people with the blood type A need fewer animal products less often than other blood types. So, if you want to lose weight successfully, do not go all-vegetarian, especially if you like having meat every day.

It is well known fact that animal products are the only source of complete protein. This means that they contain all of the essential amino acids, those that are not made in the body and must be supplied through food. All plant foods are low in these amino acids. Legumes and whole grains, on the other hand, are the reaches sources of non-animal protein and when consumed together, provide almost complete protein profile.

While red meat takes much energy to digest and therefore should be eaten in moderation, it is reach in zinc and iron. Poultry and fish are always good choice, especially if the animal products have little appeal to you, because we don’t appear to need a lot of meet in our daily diets to maintain health. For a weight loss it is better to include some meat and vegetables into your weight loss diet plan and eliminate as many carbohydrates as possible.

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