Healthy Balanced Diet Foods

Finding healthy balanced diet foods can be tricky, especially in a world where you can find a fast food franchise on every corner. However if you know what to look for, most of the challenge is gone.

Food is made up of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, mineral salts and fibre.

Carbohydrates make up most of our daily meals and contribute to most of your daily energy. Protein is used to repair your body, mainly your muscles. Fats are another form of energy however it is not burnt as easily as carbohydrates. Generally carbohydrates are used before fat for energy. Vitamins are very important for natural health but we only require very small amounts. Vitamin A, B, C, D & E all serve different purposes in the body. Mineral salts include iron, calcium, sodium and iodine which all serve different purposes. Once again only small quantities of these are needed. Fibre is the last main component. Fibre is needed for digestion. A lack of fibre can lead to serious colon and rectum issues.

To have a healthy balanced diet you have to eat foods that make up these components in the optimum quantities suited to your lifestyle. To look and feel good the right amount must be consumed on a daily basis. Someone looking to lose weight should be constricting fat and carbohydrates more than someone trying to maintain their weight.

In order to find healthy balanced diet foods you must first calculate your activity level. An active person would require a high level of carbohydrates and proteins. These foods would include bread, cereal, rice and pasta for the carbohydrates. The proteins would include meat, poultry, fish and eggs.

The vitamins can be obtained from eating vegetables and fruits. Both these food groups are very important as without these a healthy balanced diet just cannot be obtained.

Milk, yogurt and cheese are also very important. They are rich sources of calcium which is vital for bone strength.

Fats should also be consumed but only in moderation. Oils and sweets can be very beneficial but only in very small amounts.

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