Essential Minerals Of A Healthy Natural Diet

Balanced diet plans go on about how you should eat the right foods and all the rest, but what are the right foods and why should you be eating them?

The right foods are the ones that contain the right vitamin and minerals in the right combinations and quantities. Here are a few of the mineral that should be part of a balanced diet:

Folic acid is needed for cell development and is instrumental in preventing birth defects. This is especially essential for pregnant women as they need to make sure the get enough folic acid to provide for themselves and their babies. It can be found in fortified cereals and grains as well as in leafy green vegetables.

Calcium is used in fortifying and developing teeth and bones. It cannot be absorbed on its own and needs to have potassium and magnesium in the system as well. It is found in milk (soy and cow) as well as dark green vegetables like spinach. Potassium is found in potato skins, broccoli and other leafy green vegetables, bananas and tomatoes.

Iron is vital for the formation of red blood cells. In order to make iron metabolize, you need to have enough copper. This can be gained from organ meats as well as sunflower seeds and various whole grain products. Iron is also used in the transportation of oxygen in the red blood cells.

Zinc is used in the boosting of the body’s immune system and the nervous system. Eating sufficient dairy products and nuts will give your body the zinc it needs.

Protein is the building material of the body. Without protein, no cells can be built. It is used in children for growth and in adults to maintain cell reproduction. It is found in meat, dairy and beans.

This list does not cover half of the minerals that should be included in a balanced diet, but it is a place to start. Make sure you get enough of the right vitamins and minerals in order to keep your body healthy while on a diet.

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