Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy Programs For Your Marriage

Being married and in a relationship that is healthy is a lot of hard work. It requires work from both parties involved in the relationship. When your relationship hits big rocks you can turn to counseling or therapy. Sometimes emotionally focused couples therapy can help you find issues that lie deeper within your emotions. Emotionally focused couples therapy is one of the best types of therapy around. Most therapy will only restore the relationship to where it was before, but the theory behind emotionally focused therapy programs is to make the relationship even stronger.

If you are looking for a more Christian, or spiritual, grasp on therapy, you should definitely give emotionally focused couples therapy a try. This service practices applications of the New Testament on how we should treat and act toward one another. Often times we forget what our roles are. In the Bible it tells us that the husband is to “love his wife as Christ loved the church”. This means that the husband is supposed to love his wife no matter what she does, no matter how awful she treats him, no matter what! The wife is supposed to submit to her husband. This means that the wife needs to obey her husband, he is the head of the household, respect him. Too many times the wife tries to lead the husband which in turn sends a message to the husband that she doesn’t respect him. This will then cause the husband to stop showing that he loves his wife. The vicious cycle goes on and on until we take a step to stop it.

Psychotherapy is the practice that is used to perform emotionally focused couples therapy. This can be done by conversation, artwork, drama, music, or therapeutic touch. Psychotherapy uses many philosophical approaches during therapy. The term psychotherapy is interchangeable with the counseling. Many people prefer to call this counseling. Client and patient confidentiality is expected since many personal things will be shared while there. In today’s world, sessions can occur face to face, over the phone, or even over the internet. There is no limit to time as to when a person, or in the case of couples therapy people, will be cured. This is a different time for each person. Some people are finished with therapy in a week while others take years.

As the name indicates, emotionally focused couples therapy is for a man and a woman, a couple. Emotionally focused therapy can also be done for the entire family. If you feel that your family is growing apart you should look into therapy for the whole family to participate in together. When you are looking into a therapist to counsel you, make sure you don’t pick the cheapest therapist just because of money. Find a therapist that has been in your shoes before. Somebody with experience is more likely to be able to help you than somebody who has no idea of how you are feeling. Learn from somebody who has gone through the struggles. Do what they teach you to do from their experience. You will then have the results that you are looking for in your family and other relationships. Remember to get your priorities in line and live up to your role and your spouse will assume their role in time.

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