Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Selecting the right drug rehabilitation center is undoubtedly one of the most difficult and challenging decisions a person has to make in his lifetime. The rehabilitation center plays an important role in the future health and well being of the patients. But different rehab centers have different drug rehabilitation services, facilities, costs and credentials. Many of us have no idea as what are the things that we are suppose to look for in a rehab center.

Lakeview Health Systems was created to provide a healing touch to people suffering form addiction, alcoholism and drug abuse. The guiding philosophy of drug rehabilitation services of Lakeview is to provide its patients with a quality environment that mimics the beauty of everyday life minus its cares and worries. The idyllic atmosphere of Lakeview has a wonderful effect on the patients and helps in quickening the pace of recovery. Treatment procedures at Lakeview are unique because of many important reasons; we encourage the buddy system and most of the staff working in Lakeview are themselves in various stages of recovery. Working closely with other critical patients induces in them a sense of responsibility and helps them empathize with their condition. The newer patients gain tremendously from the brotherly environment in Lakeview and rapid progress is noticed in their overall health condition.

The drug rehabilitation services at Lakeview are different and more holistic than any other rehab centers. Our clinical programs differ in intensity and duration; with each stage addressing the core needs of the patient and helping them to manage their emotional behavior. The drug addiction treatment at Lakeview can be summarized in three important stages of dual diagnosis treatment. The first step is the detox. During detox the doctors and support staff help the patient handle the severe pressures of withdrawal. After detox the patient is exposed to a number of clinical services in which he participates with other patients. At this stage psychiatric treatments are administered to the patient to help him to overcome from psychological disorders.

As we mentioned earlier our addiction treatment campus impersonates the “real life” setting. Patients reside in newly decorated, fully furnished apartments that have all the amenities found in a regular house. Staff is on call 24 hours a day and they are ever prepared to deal with all possible emergencies. So for additional information on our rehabilitation programs visit us at http://www.lakeviewhealth.com

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