Complementary and Alternative Medicine – The Hope for Surviving Super Bugs and Economic Collapse

Today’s medicine is the result of years of trial and error performed in the past in order to successfully develop medications which could prevent, counteract and alleviate ailments, while proves to be true, it is undeniable that several “experiments” are still being practiced at some level, all for the sake of science. Conventional medicine causes as much pain as it alleviates but it doesn’t just stop at the patient level, it extends to our society and affect our individual budget.

In the past few decades, the pharmaceutical industry has grown in to a multi-billion dollar field which is projected to reach trillions in just a few years, these astronomical figures have been reached due to the fact that people don’t often take the necessary steps to prevent sickness and many times neglect their body’s real needs by consuming food which makes us sicker and which doesn’t provide the nutrients needed to sustain a healthy system.

All of this facts can be added to the ongoing decay of drug standards, we have all heard the recall of millions and millions of dollars of drugs because they made people sicker that their actually ailment; and even drugs which are thought to be “safe” such as everyday aspirin, can have serious pancreatic effects, not to even mention drugs such as Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, etc.

The most important concept we must become aware of is that there are alternative ways to treat almost any sickness without involving expensive manufactured drugs and they are all available for free, provided by nature. Alternative medicine has grown dramatically due to the fact that natural treatments don’t have the nasty side effects conventional drugs have and it is a complete solution for our health related needs. Through a more holistic approach natural products such as herbs/plants and fruits can be used to treat any condition which doesn’t involve a major intervention such as as surgery. Our immune system can also be reinforced to resist the ever increasing number of superbugs which threaten our society in general.

Besides being a great way to approach health it also saves us major dollars (euros, yens, etc) by lowering our dependence on the ever increasing healthcare costs, as we all know paying for healthcare is expensive, let alone not paying for it an needing the service. It is everyday news that people who need medical attention die because they weren’t insured, so we must become our own doctors and constantly practice natural/alternative ways to keep our health without recurring to the unsustainable healthcare system.

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