CieAura – Real Holistic Health Or MLM Mumbo Jumbo?

If you’re checking out the CieAura business opportunity, good for you. Too many people jump into something simply because someone told them to. This CieAura review is designed to be objective; I am not a part of the company. That way, you don’t have to worry that I’m pushing my MLM opportunity disguised as a review. Here is some information you might find helpful.

Holistic medicine has its fair share of critics and skeptics. Practices like acupressure and acupuncture are very common in far eastern cultures, but less so in western cultures. Looking at sheer numbers, the eastern cultures have some serious evidence on their side. Millions of people worldwide use acupressure and acupuncture with great success. Holistic healing has a smaller, but enthusiastic following in western culture as well.

So here comes CieArua, a new MLM company touting all sorts of health benefits by simply putting the right kind of holographic chip on the right places on your body. Can this possibly work? Millions swear by these holistic concepts, but nothing works for everybody. That’s they key. Nothing works for everybody. But are there enough people who believe, or can be persuaded to believe? If there aren’t, then the CieAura business opportunity doesn’t have a chance. But if there are, being in a wide open MLM niche, it has a real shot at being a big success.

CieAura distributors have a number of these holographic chips that they give to people who are in pain. If the chips work, then you have a customer and a potential distributor. My experience is that people in pain will try just about anything. This is good, but the CieAura rep will have to set expectations correctly. Trying anything is a two-edged sword. If people will try your stuff, they’ll try other stuff too.

There are 3 different chips the CieAura business opportunity. There is PureEnergy Plus, which is supposed to provide a “time release” sort of constant energy throughout the day. Pure Relief is the one that is supposed to reduce pain and discomfort by redirecting the body’s energy flow. RestQuiet is designed to help you get restful sleep with out having to use medications. Be skeptical if you want, but there are five respected doctors on CieAura’s medical board, and there are thousands of years of eastern medical knowledge behind the concept.

What about the business itself? The comp plan reportedly has seven ways to get paid, one of which is a residual income, which means that CieAura is real, not an MLM scam of some kind. For $120 you can become a CieAura distributor. Other options are a Business pack for $360, and a Premium Pack for $1440.

Just like any other Network Marketing opportunity, you will have to treat your CieAura business like a business, not a hobby. You will have to learn the company, its products, and its back office. And you will have to learn 21st century marketing. You will need to find customers and distributors to create a team. How are you being trained to find leads? How are you being trained to market the business and the opportunity? Your success is going to depend on your ability to create your own brand and generate your own leads. It should be YOU, featuring CieAura, not CieAura, featuring you. A top Attraction Marketing System will show you how to do this. This CieAura review is meant to show what the company has and what they do not have. It is a very good company, but they don’t teach you everything you need to know to effectively market the products. Effective marketing is the path to success.

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