Chinese ‘TCM’ – Alternative Medical Treatment For Psoriasis

Alternative medicine is used to describe the different forms of medicine other than standard prescription methods and treatments. Alternative medicine includes the embracement of eastern and oriental medical practices.

Many people avoid alternative medicine because they felt it is based on irrational folklore belief or unproven treatment methods and lying outside standard medicine practices. Most people turn to alternative medical treatments only as a last resort when conventional medicine don’t seem to work well or there is too much side effects associated with the standard treatments.

Scientific medical research however indicates some of the alternative medicine are proven to be helpful remedy and there is increased number of medical doctors and physicians reporting patients recovered from alternative medical treatments.

Alternative treatment and therapies geared towards treating the whole person into consideration, rather than just trying targeting to alleviate symptoms. This overall philosophy is known as holistic medicine.

Chinese Traditional Medicine, better known as ‘TCM’ is based on the principle that disease is not solely due to problems in molecular cells but rather beyond the molecular plane, the imbalance of the energy within entire system or subsystems interconnected to form the complex human body.

The foundation of ‘TCM’ treatment is to ensure the balance energy flow within the body termed the ‘Qi’ or the ‘Yinyang’. ‘TCM’ deemed the balance of the energy critical to attain good health. Treatments may include acupuncture, reflexology involving various massage techniques such as foot, palms, arms or whole body, topical and oral treatments using plants and herbs concoctions, meditation to calm the mind and last but not least lifestyle changes.

‘TCM’ are mostly based on medicines created from plants and hence it has mild side effects. Treatment may last from weeks to even months and recovery is gradual. The method or approach is a holistic treatment and involves not just prescription of medicine but also patient changing lifestyle such as the need to abstain from certain types of food, the need to exercise such as practicing deep breathing techniques or meditation to calm the mind and body.

‘TCM’ treatment for Psoriasis has been dated to as far back as 1600 years ago. The main hypothesis associated with Psoriasis is that the blood and toxin heat in the body triggers the formation of Psoriasis. Standard scientific clinical syndrome correlates to the various ‘TCM’ hypothesis and classification of the various type of Psoriasis. The liver and kidney are the two major organs classified by ‘TCM’ as major contributor to Psoriasis outbreak.

‘TCM’ pay close detail to the color of the lesions and treatment involves a holistic combination of oral, topical and needle injection therapy. The diagnostic pattern of the ‘TCM’ in Psoriasis is known to be “Heat, Poison or Fire in the Blood.”

Preliminary diagnosis is focused on the color as well as the degree of the redness of the skin. ‘TCM’ treatment involves first and foremost the determination of the characteristics, symptoms and patterns associated with the condition so that one can diagnose and treat the disease accurately.

‘TCM’ doctor would observe the characteristics of the skin lesions and based on the patches and color, formulates customized treatment according to the severity of the skin disease condition and the health of the patient.

Cupping therapy, acupuncture, massage, detoxification of the blood and the administration of various herbs are some of the ‘TCM’ treatments that has shown remarkable results in some cases where standard medical treatments has proven to be ineffective.

The therapeutic effects of the combination of carefully selected types of plants and herbs used helps to eliminate toxins and stabilized skin cell growth.

The dark-blue, plant-based powder ‘Indigo Naturalis’ has been demonstrated to be effective in treating and alleviating the symptoms of Psoriasis.

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