Cancer – Do Not Accept It, Deny It To Win The Battle

Late of 2018 when I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. It was not a crying moment hearing the Doctor’s announcement about me having cancer. I and my husband were just smiling I don’t know but our feelings are mutual. No fear, no sadness, there was just a positive drive within us that made the Doctor shook her head on our response. We were not in the state of denial but maybe our faith is just too big that cancer diagnosis could not even shake us.

Our faith to win the battle lead us to treasure hunt, finding the best cure for cancer. It was difficult on my part because my kidneys were somewhat damage due to the tumor blockage. I was not able to urinate normally. I found a herbal medicine sold locally and I religiously took it along with our ardent prayers. Miraculously, after 3 days of taking the herbal medicine, I discharged liquid, maybe a basin of clear discharges. I was relieved but still was not able to urinate normally.

I and my husband decided to go to an Oncologist to get a second opinion but with the same diagnosis. My sister took me to another OB-Gyne specialist but still with the same diagnosis too. The good thing about it is that fear was not there to control my will to fight. My mind was like being set to believe that I have no cancer and I want to prove the doctors they were all wrong.

I lose more weight in just a couple of weeks being so choosey with everything I ate. My sister fed me with supplements that really work like a miracle because in three weeks time catheter was removed. But I believed our prayers were answered then. God is a good God and He wants us to be healed. He is a giver of life, hope, and peace.

Though as far as I can remember I was tormented every time I go to the bathroom, I urinate but with pain. With so much faith in my heart, I survived. Then one day I found an evangelist in one of the YouTube videos and I prayed along, it was a healing prayer. I cried and cried while the prayer was played, it went down deep in my heart and in my spirit. I then surrender everything to the Lord. Right after the prayer, I had eliminated mucous and all sorts of discharges and I realized I was healed.

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