Build Your Massage Therapy Business – 10 Top Tips to Great Success!

In a recent article I read I was shocked to learn that most massage therapy businesses used only 2-3 ways to promote their business.

However there are a multitude of ways in which to do this. Driving new business to your door does not need to be time consuming or expensive. Of course you will need to invest some time in doing this but it can be fun and enjoyable.

1) Building your massage therapy business requires you to network with customers. Remember, don’t adopt the wrong approach and try to network with everyone you come across. Be selective, the most effective way to network is to be selective, cultivate existing relationships.

2) Ask for referrals – take a proactive approach rather than a passive one. Tell people who your ideal clients are and ask them to help you find them. This sounds simple – it is – why shouldn’t it be?

3) Write – you are the specialist, become the expert. You know your subject.Every trade has a publication, a journal of some sort. Find the Massage Therapist Journal, then write and provide information about your website. This will drive customers to your website, they can see what you are about andwhat you have to offer.

4) Keep your profile high. Newsletters are an excellent way to keep your massage therapy business in front of your customers and prospective customers. You can do this electronically (when you have a list of their email addresses) or via a paper format. Keep them informed about recent advents or promotions you are running.

5) Use every bit of stationary you have as a way of business promotion. Envelopes with an address or website on will promote your massage therapy business. Opportunistic business situations will present – even the postman! Ensure all your details including your logo are on your stationary.

6) Free information. This can be done in many ways. Be inventive. Provide this on your website or via a paper format in your salon window.

7) Offer a guarantee. Prospective customers will feel comfortable with you knowing that if they are not completely satisfied there is a guarantee attached – this may alleviate any concerns.

8) Get great copy. This can sell your massage therapy business alone and generate sales that go through the roof. Find an excellent copywriter – this may cost a little but you will reap the benefits over and over.

9) Use a “Buddy System”. This is when you agree to promote another complementary business who has agreed to promote your business in return. This may be in the form of sharing brochures, leaflets or business cards.

10) Give freebees where possible. People love to receive something free. Why not double up, such as a free pen with each booking, this will also provide free promotion at the same time. Your could offer a free (……) you fill in the blanks, with the first 5 bookings of(…….) again you fill in the blanks, during the month of (……..) yes you get it, you fill in the blanks.

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