Book Review – Dana Carpender "How I Gave Up My Low-Fat Diet and Lost 40 Pounds"

After reading “Diabetes Solution” by Dr Bernstein we came across the name “Dana Carpender” and bought her 500 Low Carb recipes book. In a number of related books, we found that her book “How I gave up my low-fat diet and lost 40 pounds – and how you can too!” came highly recommended.

As a diabetic, I was sick of hypos and high sugar levels on a regular diet and ready to try Dr Bernstein’s suggestion of cutting down on the carbs, but didn’t even know where to start. I was also fed up with bland food, low fat meals and avoiding foods that I loved.

Dana’s recipe book was a great place to start with a few new ideas, but this book was simply fascinating. I ended up reading it in shifts with my mum as we were eager to talk about the different chapters and what it could mean for my health and lifestyle.

What appeals is Dana’s honesty – she isn’t just proposing one diet, she explores the benefits of the Atkins diet (not suitable for diabetics) and the newcomer on the scene, the Primal diet. The book also gives information on how to work out your own carbohydrate and protein requirements – a few simple calculations that empower you to take control of your own diet. Another benefit of the book is that Dana bases her suggestions on medical research – it’s comforting to know it’s not just some idea that she’s come up with, but that her diet suggestions are based on years of research.

Best of all, most of your friends won’t even notice you’re dieting. On a low carb diet you can still eat meats, most vegetables, butter and cream – this isn’t a diet where you feel deprived or go hungry, you’ll feel indulged and sated after every meal.

If you’re considering changing over to a low carb diet, the book explains clearly why you should do so, an explanation which is a better deterrent from sugary snacks than your wavering willpower. Somehow understanding the processes involved and what sugar is doing to your body can provide the motivation to improve your diet that you’ve been looking for. Dana also explains the interaction between insulin and food, explaining clearly for the first time why a low carb diet should and does work for many diabetics.

If you’re fed up with not understanding your life threatening disease, but want to understand about food and your body – this is a book you really shouldn’t be without.

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