Best Treatments For Arthritis Revealed

Looking for the best treatment for arthritis can be a long and painful process. Over a period of time, you may try and discover several different treatment options including traditional and non-traditional. However, health professionals will advocate for a treatment plan derived from tested and proven treatment options.

Arthritis Treatment Goals

People suffering early symptoms of arthritis prefer to self-medicate. They try over-the-counter medicines, topical creams, natural supplements, or conservative measures like cold and hot compress. However, it is best to seek immediate advice of a doctor when the symptoms persist for more than two weeks. A qualified doctor can give you an accurate assessment of your condition. An accurate diagnosis will be the first step for the best treatments for arthritis.

The arthritis treatment regimen shall have the following goals:

– Arrest the disease progression

– Minimize tissue damage and deformities

– Manage function of the joints

– Maintain mobility and range of motion

A rheumatologist is an arthritis specialist who will guide you through the best treatment regimens. He will be discussing with you the best options available in managing your medical condition. You must discuss with him the potential benefits and risks of each treatment options.

Arthritis Treatment Options

The best treatments for arthritis are composite medical intervention of tested and proven options in treating this medical condition. These include the following:

Arthritis Medications

These are traditional treatments for arthritis. Your doctor shall assess the severity of your arthritis problem. He will prescribe a medication or a combination of medications for your arthritis problem.

The classes of drugs used include: NSAIDs; COX-2 inhibitors; DMARDs; and biologic response modifiers.

Injections Into a Joint – The procedure is called Viscosupplementation. It involves the injection of gel-like substances called hyaluronates into knee joints. It is designed to supplement the viscous properties of the synovial fluid.

Your doctor can also opt to do local steroid injections for a specific, painful joint. Doctors only allow a maximum of three steroid injections a year.

Natural Treatments

Patients may prefer to go for natural than traditional treatments. It is best that you discuss with your doctor what you are taking or what you want to try.

Among the more common treatments under this class include: acupuncture/ acupressure; chiropractic; magnets; massage; meditation; tai chi; and supplements such as fish oil, glucosamine , chondroitin and MSM.

There are natural treatments, sometimes referred to as alternative treatments, which are not endorsed by doctors. Some popular alternative treatments are not cleared for their efficacy and safety.

Complementary Medicine

Complementary medicine is sometimes confused with alternative medicine.

Alternative treatments imply that they are used as a substitute or ‘alternative’ to traditional treatments.

On the other hand, complementary medicines or treatments are used in conjunction with your usual treatment regimen.

Complementary treatments usually involve the following:

– Regular exercise

– Nutritious diet

– Stress management

Surgical Option – This treatment is considered by your doctor as the last option. It is resorted to by doctors if other treatment measures do not yield satisfactory results or have stopped working.

Severe joint damage and debilitating pain are usually the conditions that would necessitate surgery. Surgery aims to decrease pain and restore function.

When looking for the best treatments for arthritis, it is important that you understand the goals, benefits and side effects of a treatment. This way, you are more aware of what is expected and more likely to adopt the right treatment option.

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