Autism Recovery in a Nutshell

Autism “Epidemic” Growing Worldwide

We are in the middle of an epidemic of severe autism. Twenty-five years ago, the frequency of autism was affecting just one in every 100,000. Now this has increased to 1 in every 150, yet some sources affirm that it can be even higher than this.

The way that clinical medical science is driven is the clinical history. You start with the patient’s story or the parent’s story of what happened to the child. What was heard is normal development followed by vaccine exposure followed by regression to autism and to gastrointestinal issues at around the same time. Regression means lost of acquired skills, i.e. a child could talk then lost the ability to talk.

Questions about Autism & Vaccine Ingredients

Many of us have heard a lot about thimerosal, mercury components, preservatives in vaccines, and live viral vaccines as a possible culprit. Today, many groups accuse thimerosal, a preservative for vaccines is a contributing factor to autism. But it is also the dozens of other heavy metals that chelate minerals, cause massive inflammation, and damage the synapses from communicating in the brain. It is all basic chemistry; so if the chemistry in the brain is incorrect or unbalanced due to massive metal exposure, then the person or child will not have the same cognitive functions as a normal healthy person. Others may develop schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, depression, insomnia, or other issues.

In addition, mercury given from day one of life can poison the developing immune system leading to immune, sensory, neurological, motor, and behavioral dysfunctions. Another potential toxin source is heavy metals like aluminum in the vaccines. The compounds of aluminum that this contains accumulate not only in the place of injection, but goes to the child’s brain and are accumulated there. In the child’s brain, the aluminum enters neurons and glial cells (astrocytes and microglia). The aluminum levels are being blamed on Alzheimer’s disease as well.

More Alarming Numbers

A child in the United States gets 36 vaccinations before 10 to 12 years old. This is setting the scenario whereby you give the child a live virus vaccine at 15 months of age then they may not handle it properly.

Somalia in east Africa, there isn’t a word for autism. Autism seems to be a developed world disorder. When these Somalian come to live in the developed world, for instance Sweden, United Kingdom or United States, the rate of autism in their children is 1 in 28. However when they’re born in their own country and don’t get the vaccinations, they don’t have any of the autism.

The Impact of Autism in Families

Families with autistic children are not just burdened financially with medical expenses. They’re also emotionally and spiritually drained to care for their autistic child. The tension of the financial stress and time can lead to more health issues to the family members too.

Autism Recovery – What Advocates Say Actually Works:

Contrary to what the establishment and the vaccine-pushers are saying, alternative doctors and healers are showing evidence that autistic children are recovering. Jerry Kartinel, M.D., who co-authored a book with Autism-Recovery advocate and spokesperson for Talk about Curing Autism (TACA), Jenny McCarthy, says that 75{c66b10e9cbb0dd4ae322bbe8793aef26e887819d9224ac46799d38bddff29d80} of autism can be reversed using bionutritional intervention or supplementation therapies that include correcting mineral deficiencies, hyperbaric oxygen therapies, Candida & heavy metal cleanses, and a wheat and dairy-free diet.

All of these methods combined can be quite expensive and overwhelming to start off with. Fortunately for many families who choose these natural recovery methods, there are a series of recommended supplements that have been used with successful results and promising improvements for those affected with not only autism, but also down syndrome, cerebral palsy, or other brain-related problems.

I am a lifetime member of Kevin Trudeau’s, as well as the Global Information Network, and have been researching alternative healing for 8 years. Although I have no medical degree, I network around the world with natural healers, always on a journey to finding the truth.

I think that my independent study is what allows me to be unattached to any single idea and to have the openness to think outside-the-box with flexibility.

Throughout my life, I have abandoned many ideas and paradigms to discover new consciousness shifts within my own thought process to come to my new understandings.

When somebody says “I know the answer!” I suggest looking the other way with skepticism. One should always remain open to new information or they are imprisoned by their own beliefs.

According to my research, the main methods of fixing any imbalance or severe damage that has been done to the body should include addressing the main underlying factors that can bring the body back to normal health once again.

The first approach is to nourish the autonomic nervous system by increasing the electrical voltage within the body. Also one should focus on by supplying the right minerals in the balance and form found in nature, to fix the biochemical environment (alkaline/PH). Caution should be given to high-priced ionizing water machines that unnaturally put “junk minerals” into the water claiming to make healthy water (many people who use these machines for more than one year report that they develop digestive problems).

Instead, of primary importance should be correcting the DNA instructions to create a domino-effect of reactions that normally builds healthy cells, hormones, and amino acids. Lastly, a campaign of neutralizing the inflammation and free radical content within the brain or elsewhere in the body can be employed using natural antioxidants.

For maximum impact, these approaches and supplements should all be combined with using a gentle diet that focuses on eating organic foods and avoiding stressful food allergens that cause the immune system to attack the foreign proteins from those foods until the time when the GI tract is healed and the body can tolerate those foods once again.

Combining all these approaches is bound to have at least moderate to major improvements in everybody’s overall health – no matter what imbalance or symptom. Especially for autism, it has shown to be very beneficial in the progression towards helping families regain their children and putting a lot of emotional and financial stress behind them.

I welcome inquiries to review the information that I have accumulated and to connect with and hear stories from others who have had success with the program that I teach.

There is never a cost involved and I am grateful to be of help to anybody that I can.

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