Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol rehabilitation programs have come a long way in the past three decades. People suffering from alcohol abuse are taken care of in dedicated rehab facilities as well as mental health clinics.

In the United States, the number of alcohol rehab facilities exceeds 10,000. Alcohol abuse has a great financial impact, costing millions of dollars each year. Rehabilitation can radically reduce this problem. There are several financial variables, levels of care and philosophical variances among the different programs.

Inpatient and detoxification are intensive programs and are deemed the same level of care. Partial alcohol rehab programs are also called partial hospitalization (PHP). Partial alcohol rehab programs are half-day treatments, either morning or evening. There are also short-term rehabilitation programs that can last a week to four weeks. These programs consist of full-time rehabilitation programs in a rehab facility.

Therapy includes behavioral and individual and group setting counseling. There are also lectures and discussion groups. Long-term alcohol rehabilitation can be anywhere from a month to 3 months or more is a patient is considered a chronic alcoholic. Most in patient programs are based on the “Minnesota Model” that involves three to six weeks of intensive inpatient treatment followed by comprehensive outpatient therapy including group sessions and Alcoholics Anonymous.

The objective of any of these programs is to educate the alcoholic on the facts about dependency on alcohol and the modifications required to live a life free of alcohol abuse.

The success rate of alcohol rehab is hard to measure. Studies seem to point out that an individual’s success depends primarily on their readiness to integrate new ideas and concepts into their lives.

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