Aim of Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational rehabilitation is the service offered to people having mental and physical disabilities. It helps to maintain the return to the work force, after they have been sick or injured. It considers their work skills and their medical condition.

Aim of Vocational Rehabilitation

The aim of the this program is to help individuals to regain or retain the ability to participate in work, rather than to treat any injury or illness by itself. It offers the individuals with the skills and knowledge essential to achieve suitable work. The rehabilitation coordinator will refer you to a rehabilitation provider who will suggest you the ways to help you to obtain suitable work.

If you decide to undertake a vocational rehab program, you will be involved in the developmental program making sure that it meets your needs. It also assures that it recognizes and builds on your abilities, skills and work experience.

A Vocational Rehabilitation program includes:

• A work site evaluation

• Vocational appraisal

• Goal setting and intervention planning

• Support for self management of health conditions

• Interventions to get rid of employment, environmental and attitudinal barrier

• Career Counseling and Guidance

• Evaluation Services

• On the job training

• Vocationally based short term training

• Work training placements

• Training in job seeking skills

• Assisting in the preparation of an employment training

• Assistance for job seeking

• Personal assistance services

The Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973

This Act was put forward to correct the problem of prejudice against people with disabilities in the United States. People having a disability have experienced prejudice because of physical barriers at work place and also because of negative behavior to their ability to be an effective employee. According to this Act, the employer’s must make practical accommodations for disabled employees. However, it does not mean that they must hire unqualified individuals. Vocational counseling, Assistance in training and job placement for individuals with severe disabilities are the additional sections of this Act.

Vocational Rehabilitation Association (VRA)

This VRA was founded in 1994 to offer a debate for practitioners working in the field of vocational rehabilitation and to drive improvement in standards. This is a membership organization with a charitable status.

Vocational Rehab Assessment

This determines a vocational goal and identifies a range suitable option for employment. It is based on the individual’s current abilities, interest and transferable skills. There are some more tips for rehabilitation on this blog.

Below is a list of few Vocational rehabilitation Centers:

• Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services

• California Department of Rehabilitation

• Delaware Division of Vocational rehabilitation

• Florida Division

• Georgia Division of rehab services

• Idaho Division

• Missouri Division

• Montana Vocational rehabilitation Council

• New York Vocational rehab

• South Carolina Department

• New Jersey Division

• Washington State Division

Vocational rehabilitation program is a one step career development program, which offers individuals a broad choice of services designed to offer them with resources, skills, attitudes and expectations required to compete in the interview process, in order to get the job and develop a lifetime career.

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