Accelerate Your Weight Loss With Calorie Shifting

Calories shifting is a way to keep your metabolism high while you diet so you accelerate your fat loss. The problem with low calorie, low carbohydrate and low fat diets is they give you the false sense that they are working but what is really happening is your metabolism is slowing down with every passing day then one day you discover that your weight loss has stopped. This article explains how calories shifting avoids this problem and keeps fat burning off your body fast.

Your metabolism is what will determine if you keep losing weight on a diet. When you continuously restrict your diet in any way, you slow your metabolism. This is because your body adapts to the new lower intake and works to balance the body’s needs. This often leads to a weight loss plateau and is one of the leading reasons restrictive diets do not work.

How calories shifting keeps your body burning fat?

Calories shifting is easy to do and involves shifting between a low calorie diet and a higher calorie diet over a short period. Research has been found that your body requires only a few days before it starts adapting to a diet change so calories shifting follows a pattern that stays one step ahead of your body’s ability to adapt thus giving your metabolism a boost every few days.

For example, if you naturally eat a diet of 2,500 calories per day your body has become accustomed to that amount and your metabolism handles those calories. If you then go on a low calorie diet and cut your calorie intake to 1,000 calories a day your body will react by dropping weight initially but soon (often within a couple of weeks) your metabolism will slow down to meet this lower amount and your weight loss will stop.

This also explains why weight is so hard to keep off. If you lost the weight because of a restrictive diet, as the weight dropped so did your metabolism so when you go off the diet you have damaged your metabolism to the point in which any small increase in calories will result in all the weight coming back on. This damage to the metabolism does not happen with calories shifting diets.

Calories shifting keeps your metabolism high the entire time you are losing weight so when you reach your goal weight you still have a strong fat-burning metabolism making it easy to keep the weight off.

If you have tried dieting but ended up frustrated because your weight loss was too slow, then you will benefit from calories shifting. You can do this on your own by following a low calorie diet for a few days and then shifting to a higher calorie diet for a few days monitoring your progress as you go. But if this is too much guesswork for you then you will want to follow a Calories Shifting Guide that has been proven to be effective.

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