4 Best Cardio Machines For Weight Loss

Have you ever set foot in a gym, only to find an endless number of different cardio machines with no clue on where to even start? You’ll find cardio machines ranging from elliptical to treadmills to stairclimbers and many more, but which cardio machines work the best in aiding your goal to lose weight without any complications? Before we begin, there are three main things that you should remember when choosing a cardio machine.

1. Pick a cardio machine that doesn’t require much skill.

Cardio machines don’t have to be high-tech or gimmicky so you would be better off with sticking to one that is simple and very easy to use. The ideal goal here is to find a cardio machine that is simplistic and mechanical in nature. That way your body will naturally move the way it would as if you’re outdoors–walking or running.

2. Find a cardio machine that you’re comfortable with and stick with it.

Our primary concern when working with a cardio machine is to minimize any risk of injury. It is important to keep your connective tissues and joints healthy throughout a cardio session. This also will reduce aggravation of any injuries you may have as well. Any form of injury, big or small, will put a halt on your weight loss progress and it is something we should avoid at all costs. Start with experimenting with different machines and see how your body responds. If it’s comfortable to your taste then by all means stick with that machine. However, if you experience any discomfort, steer clear of it right away!

3. Keep your cardio sessions short and intense.

There are several reasons why it’s important to keep a cardio session short and intense. You don’t have to spend as much energy diverting your focus onto balancing yourself or maintaining a specific form throughout a cardio session. Imagine yourself running on a treadmill platform where space if pretty much limited compared to running on an open ground. That much of a difference will have an impact on your body and unnecessary energy wasted. Thus, it is better to aim for a few miles instead of running an hour long marathon.

Now that we have all three important criteria covered, I’d like to recommend the four best cardio machines that involve low impact exercise, going hand-in-hand with weight loss.

Recumbent Bike

The recumbent bike operates similar to the stationary bike but the difference is that your body is in a seated position. This machine is often recommended for those looking to reduce stress off their lower back which is a bonus for those who have nagging lower back problems from the past.


This is one of my favorite cardio machines. A stairclimber involves low impact movements which helps you keep your focus and maintain the intensity without interrupting your flow. It’s a nice replacement for those who cannot find stairs to walk on.


Treadmills are a great choice for those who prefer an interval style of training as a replacement for outdoor running. The platforms are professionally designed to reduce impacts on the joints. Plus, you have the option to control the difficulty level by either increasing or decreasing the speed and you can raise the platform to form an incline.

Upright Stationary Bike

If you’re looking for a low impact exercise that’ll help you maintain a high level of intensity without losing balance, this is the machine you’re looking for. Both recumbent and upright stationary bikes are recommended for their ease of use because they are easily programmable to meet your standards.

To sum it up, these four machines are highly recommended due to their relative ease of use–and not to mention, they involve low impact exercises which is a plus for any existing injuries that you may have, easing the pain on your connective tissues and joints. Lastly, choose a cardio machine that is simple and straightforward so that it’ll help YOU focus by picking a cardio machine that is simple and straightforward. This way, you can focus on high intensity training rather than focusing your attention on mechanics.

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